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got old Crocs? recycle them!

Just got new Crocs. The info sheet included their recycling program! Wear your Crocs until they’re all worn out. Drop them at a participating retail shop, which you can find on their site. (I found 11 places within 25 miles … Continue reading

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water audit

Take shorter showers! That’s the big take-away for today’s Water Wise House Call. The Ssnta Clara Valley Water District offers it free as part of their water conservation program. I signed up a few weeks ago as part of my … Continue reading

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water wise

Typical single-family home water use From Santa Clara Valley Water District brochure for Water-Wise House Calls ( 52% outdoors 10% toilets 10% shower 9.5% laundry 9% leaks 8% faucets 1% baths 0.5% dishwashers

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water: how hot is too hot?

138ºF  water. Scalding hot. Waste-of-energy hot. Hurts-my-hands-to-wash-dishes hot. Risky-to-jump-in-the-shower hot. Sure, it’s better than the other way around–no hot water–but my guess was the water heater in my house was set too high. The recommended temp is 120 F. It’s … Continue reading

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walker’s paradise: city vs suburban

When I lived in the city, my Walk Score was 92. Definitely a Walker’s Paradise (their definition), except that I lived at the top of a very steep hill. (So when I was hobbling around on crutches with a broken … Continue reading

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fill your fridge, save energy and money

Two climate change-fighting volunteers from Green@Home came by for a housecall today. I learned, among other things, that my refrigerator is too empty. Why is this a problem? Because –here comes my simplified explanation–an empty(ish) fridge has little to “hold” … Continue reading

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print only what you want:

I just checked out, which is another tool to help with “smart” printing. This web-based tool focuses on helping you print only what you want and need on websites, which helps the environment by minimizing waste of paper, printer … Continue reading

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