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home green home (house cleaning)

The Seventh Generation newsletter recently shared this news about a new healthy house-cleaning service: We recently launched a new and innovative partnership to help you maintain a clean and healthy home called Home Green Home. We are working with our … Continue reading

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when was the last time you vacuumed your refrigerator?

NEVER, probably. At least that was true for me until recently, when I cleaned the heat-exchange condenser coils, which are what cool your refrigerator by releasing heat. If the coils are covered in a blanket of dust, the refrigerator has … Continue reading

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Google, please map my bike route!

SIGN THIS PETITION if you, too, want Google Maps to add a “Bike There” option to their maps. 47,000 people already have. I wonder how may they need to be convinced? Or maybe they’re already working on it…?  I’m excited … Continue reading

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cities -> economies of scale -> greener

Really enjoyed this New York Times column on Math and the City which uses mathematics to connect cities with organisms; i.e., cities are living things.  I especially liked this paragraph that describes how city size affects things like infrastructure, specifically gas stations. For … Continue reading

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10% water use reduction: what does that mean?

Here in drought-reality California, we’re being told to reduce our water usage, voluntarily. I’m all for water conservation, but what does a 10% reduction look like? My household of two uses 145 gallons per day*, so 10% means 14.5 gallons … Continue reading

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are you biking (or walking) to work on Thursday?

Maybe you already ride your bike to work. If you do, you are a member of an elite group: 0.4% of commuters nationwide. If you live in Portland, Oregon, you’re part of a larger crowd–3.5%–, but you already know this. … Continue reading

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