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farmer’s market on a bicycle

“What’s for dinner?”  That’s the central organizing question for Michael Pollan’s brilliant book on the U.S. food system, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. And today, I had a spectacular personal experience of the growing alternatives to the mainstream industrial food system that … Continue reading

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plastics safety Q&A

I found a Plastics Q&A from the Green Guide helpful in sorting out the confusing world of household (and specifically kitchen) plastics.  Among the topics covered: Q: Which plastic containers contain bisphenol A (BPA)?  A: Those that say “#7 PC” … Continue reading

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Resurgence of victory gardens

An informative piece, Victory Gardens Symbolize a New Age from on the history of victory gardens — like the one in front of San Francisco’s City Hall — and the modern context for its increasing popularity. Victory gardens are popping up … Continue reading

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“local” farmer’s market

I used to drive almost 12 miles round trip, mostly on city streets, to go to a farmer’s market the Alemany Market in San Francisco.  They have a great selection–including organic and pesticide-free farmed–and a festival-like atmosphere I like.  But, … Continue reading

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Slow Food in San Francisco

This Labor Day Weekend, the Slow Food movement is coming to San Francisco, which means taking the traditional holiday eating to new heights of celebration and examination. There will be many events that address a variety of Everyday Sustainable aspects … Continue reading

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freeze your ripe fruit!

It’s so sad when beautiful fruit goes bad. And it’s a shame when fruit that’s a bit bruised and damaged goes to waste. Here’s a nice article about buying seconds (slightly damaged/bruised) fruit and freezing it. The benefits? Save money on … Continue reading

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Things you should NEVER buy again

I’m not a big fan of lists of MUSTs or MUST NOTs, since I think that it’s difficult to come up with a list that is relevant for everyone.  That said, those little lists that are printed on wallet-size paper … Continue reading

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