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earth day: pick your battles

Today is Earth Day, so lots of attention is being paid to earth-friendly efforts. Fortunately, the interest in energy-saving and CO2-reducing efforts is increasing every day. But really, isn’t it Earth Day every day? Since the topic of this blog … Continue reading

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line drying: good for the earth, good for your clothes

90-degree April days, a perfect time to inaugurate my new clothesline. Did you know your clothes dryer accounts for about 10-15% of your house’s energy consumption? Do you know where all that lint comes from? YOUR CLOTHES! Have you noticed … Continue reading

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dimmable CFLs: not for romantic dinners

Imagine, lowering the glaring overhead light, in an attempt to create a more moody, romantic ambiance. Bright light..fading… medium…fading…out! What happened? That’s my experience with the 15W dimmable flood bulb that replaced the 65W bulb over the dining table. It had … Continue reading

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Yoplait and other no-no snacks

How bad can Yoplait be? Sure it’s way too sweet for me these days, thanks to tons of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS),  but hey, it’s yogurt. Apparently, HFCS is not the only problem. According to Good Guide’s Five Snacks … Continue reading

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what moisturizer should I use?

I know, I know, I need to take better care of my skin. I use a moisturizer with SFP, but it doesn’t do so well with the moisture part. So I browsed the shelves of the nearby Whole Foods and … Continue reading

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