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a new beginning

After a long hiatus, this blog has been reincarnated to cover a broader range of topics, from the viewpoint of “everyday sustainable.” Advertisements

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if green’s not green then what color is?

The color green might have killed Napoleon. So says the New York Times in The Toxic Side of Being, Literally, Green. Kermit was correct, being green really is tough, so tough that the color itself fails dismally. The cruel truth … Continue reading

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Incandescent bulb kills the Easter Bunny! (Go LED)

This fun ad (for Cree, maker of LEDs)  illustrates a benefit of LED bulbs over incandescent lights: more (most) of the energy goes into creating light, not heat, which means LEDs are more efficient. And, as you see here, better … Continue reading

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S.U.B. (sports utility bicycle)

We call this bike “The Mule.” It was a super sturdy bike to begin with, but the addition of the 4 metal baskets elevated it to a new level of utility. Really, there is no excuse not to bike to … Continue reading

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say bye-bye to extra refrigerators and freezers (especially if they’re from the ’80s or older) and save $

During an  energy audit today*, I was surprised to see the resident’s electricity usage on a recent utility bill. It was about “average” for a household in the area, but seemed  high for an elder one-person household. Most bulbs were … Continue reading

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UPS delivers by bicycle!

I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for UPS since they supported the AIDS Ride (bike fundraiser from San Francisco to Los Angeles) that I did many years ago. THIS just makes me love them more. They are addressing … Continue reading

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can line-drying clothes really be this much fun?

Um, no. But it’s true that if you go to a laundromat or use a machine in your building, you don’t have to wait around for the dryer to finish. Just bring your clothes home and let them dry naturally–on … Continue reading

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