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newsflash: Brita will take back filters

Great news! Beginning in January 2009, Brita pitcher filters can be dropped off at participating Whole Foods Market stores or mailed to Preserve, who will recycle 100 percent of each Brita plastic pitcher filter casing collected for use in its … Continue reading

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Recycle everyday, and “officially” this week

Why isn’t everyday recycling day? It is for me, and many others. But did you know that today begins National Recycling Day (Nov 8 – 16, 2008)? It’s an Australian initiative. I wonder if those down under have greater stamina … Continue reading

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Vote! and carpool if you can

My polling place is a block away so I can walk, but many Americans have to drive to their polling place. So why not carpool? Chances are, you’ll have to wait in a line a bit, so hang out and … Continue reading

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