print only what you want:

I just checked out, which is another tool to help with “smart” printing. This web-based tool focuses on helping you print only what you want and need on websites, which helps the environment by minimizing waste of paper, printer toner, and energy.

I tested it out on a local bus schedule that didn’t offer a PDF version; I created one using PrintWhatYouLike. Here’s my experience:

  • The home page looks slick, but when you go use the tool, it’s kind of confusing. The demo wasn’t that helpful. But fortunately, it’s an easy to use tool and there’s no harm in trial and error.
  • I put in the URL for the webpage for the bus schedule, then using the buttons on the left side of the page, chose the information that I wanted to save. Since I wanted to save it to PDF, I guess I didn’t need to strip the page down so far — including taking out all images and background — but it was a good exercise.
  • After I had the information I wanted — just the bus schedule info — it was easy to create a PDF version.
  • I will definitely use this in the future, when I print directly from websites.

I imagine that using this in conjunction with GreenPrint (which I reviewed last week) would optimize smart printing.

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2 Responses to print only what you want:

  1. Cassie says:

    Thanks for the review! If you have any suggestions for making PrintWhatYouLike easier to use, let us know.

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