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got old Crocs? recycle them!

Just got new Crocs. The info sheet included their recycling program! Wear your Crocs until they’re all worn out. Drop them at a participating retail shop, which you can find on their site. (I found 11 places within 25 miles … Continue reading

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suburbia spotlight: Safeway

I felt like a tourist, wheeling my shopping cart through the rows and rows of aisles filled sky high with stuff at the local Safeway. This was not the same Safeway where I shopped over 15 years ago. Literally; it … Continue reading

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India report: Palm leaf packaging

Holy Lama Yogi Soap In a store in the old historic area of Fort Cochin, I noticed the Holy Lama Yogi Soap from Holy Lama Naturals. What drew me was not the soap itself–which smells great–but the packaging. The little … Continue reading

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Everyday Sustainable in India

I’ve just returned from a 3-week visit to India, where I kept my eyes/ears/nose open to the Everyday Sustainable there. This was a personal visit, which included travel in the North on the tourist-triangle of Delhi-Jaipur-Agra, and tourism with family/friends … Continue reading

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Things you should NEVER buy again

I’m not a big fan of lists of MUSTs or MUST NOTs, since I think that it’s difficult to come up with a list that is relevant for everyone.  That said, those little lists that are printed on wallet-size paper … Continue reading

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Elephant Pharmacy birthday sale

Yesterday I wrote about the accessibility of green products. Well here’s something that helps.  It’s Elephant Pharmacy’s birthday!!!  It’s a store (a small local chain of stores in this case) that specializes in stocking green and sustainable products, and if you … Continue reading

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making green products more accessible

I believe that accessibility is one of the keys to sustainability.  If you can’t get it easily because of proximity, cost, or other issues, it’s very likely that a product/service/habit is not sustainable. My friend started on the premise … Continue reading

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