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could you wear the same dress for one year?

Sheena Matheiken is! 1 dress. 365 days. But then she has a strong creative sense of fashion, and an apparently bottomless collection of accessories in her closet to make it work. Not only is this a creative experiment and inspiration, … Continue reading

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kids after my creative-reuse heart

Alexandra Lehrer, 5, and her classmates at Beginnings Nursery School in New York are my kind of people! “I like building stuff,” she said. “If you throw everything away, there will be just a big pile of garbage, and you … Continue reading

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drafty doors: plug them up

This house is drafty. It’s 90-years old. It has beautiful original but super-leaky windows. Inside doors look like they were cut to pass trays of soupy dinners. As part of my continuing effort to increase comfort and decrease the energy … Continue reading

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Everyday Sustainable in India

I’ve just returned from a 3-week visit to India, where I kept my eyes/ears/nose open to the Everyday Sustainable there. This was a personal visit, which included travel in the North on the tourist-triangle of Delhi-Jaipur-Agra, and tourism with family/friends … Continue reading

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HOW TO: swap-raffle

Yesterday, I had a great “Everyday Sustainable” day, with two swap events.  The first was a clothes swap which I organize every few months with friends.  And the second happened at a meeting for members of 29Gifts, a global network … Continue reading

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plastics safety Q&A

I found a Plastics Q&A from the Green Guide helpful in sorting out the confusing world of household (and specifically kitchen) plastics.  Among the topics covered: Q: Which plastic containers contain bisphenol A (BPA)?  A: Those that say “#7 PC” … Continue reading

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ESP Day 20: Clothes Swaps

As I write this, I’m wearing a cute, comfy shirt-with-hoody and jeans that I picked out at a clothes swap this afternoon.  I don’t swap clothes every day, but almost every day for close to a decade, I have worn at least item … Continue reading

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