got old Crocs? recycle them!

Just got new Crocs. The info sheet included their recycling program!

  1. Wear your Crocs until they’re all worn out.
  2. Drop them at a participating retail shop, which you can find on their site. (I found 11 places within 25 miles of my home). Or mail them in if you’re really committed!
  3. Crocs will clean them, crush them up, and make new 20% recycled material Crocs.
  4. Crocs donates these to people around the world who have no shoes.

Nice job. I don’t know how long it will take me to wear through my Crocs — I plan to use them in the garden — but I did pledge that I will recycle my Crocs when they’re done.

UPDATE: April 27, 2009. I checked in with SolesUnited about the status of their website and their rep wrote back:

“Our website is currently being updated and our program is still going strong!  We hope to have our new website up soon!”

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5 Responses to got old Crocs? recycle them!

  1. Mckenna says:

    Good job Crocs and thanks for the alert Wako!
    visit my web site when you get a chance. We are
    sisters in many ways!

  2. James Johnson says:

    Other shoe companies should jump on this concept (adidas sandals would be perfect). Great concept and I hope they get many shoes for their effort.

  3. jw says:

    I visited the SolesUnited site and did not find info on where to drop them off? Only a link to the pledge but no way to follow through on it!

  4. wako says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, jw. I just sent them a message to find out the current status of the program. I’ll report back when I hear back.

  5. Mike Justa says:

    The soles united website is now a dating website I guess, and I just wore through my crocs and am looking to recycle them. Can someone let me know if there is still a program out there? had no information on this either.

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