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home green home (house cleaning)

The Seventh Generation newsletter recently shared this news about a new healthy house-cleaning service: We recently launched a new and innovative partnership to help you maintain a clean and healthy home called Home Green Home. We are working with our … Continue reading

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when was the last time you vacuumed your refrigerator?

NEVER, probably. At least that was true for me until recently, when I cleaned the heat-exchange condenser coils, which are what cool your refrigerator by releasing heat. If the coils are covered in a blanket of dust, the refrigerator has … Continue reading

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line drying: good for the earth, good for your clothes

90-degree April days, a perfect time to inaugurate my new clothesline. Did you know your clothes dryer accounts for about 10-15% of your house’s energy consumption? Do you know where all that lint comes from? YOUR CLOTHES! Have you noticed … Continue reading

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suburbia spotlight: Safeway

I felt like a tourist, wheeling my shopping cart through the rows and rows of aisles filled sky high with stuff at the local Safeway. This was not the same Safeway where I shopped over 15 years ago. Literally; it … Continue reading

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Things you should NEVER buy again

I’m not a big fan of lists of MUSTs or MUST NOTs, since I think that it’s difficult to come up with a list that is relevant for everyone.  That said, those little lists that are printed on wallet-size paper … Continue reading

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Elephant Pharmacy birthday sale

Yesterday I wrote about the accessibility of green products. Well here’s something that helps.  It’s Elephant Pharmacy’s birthday!!!  It’s a store (a small local chain of stores in this case) that specializes in stocking green and sustainable products, and if you … Continue reading

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ESP Day 7: Laundry

I don’t do laundry every day, but many households do.  So we’ll break this down into Washing, Drying, Dry Cleaning, and related Recycling. WASHING. For Everyday Sustainable clothes washing, I do the following: Wash in cold water.  According to the … Continue reading

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