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how much plastic trash waste in a week?

Take the Plastic Trash Challenge to find out. I’m starting today.  I don’t think I generate much plastic trash, but actually, I have no idea how much. Similar to guessing how long I shower, I had only a vague notion … Continue reading

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could you wear the same dress for one year?

Sheena Matheiken is! 1 dress. 365 days. But then she has a strong creative sense of fashion, and an apparently bottomless collection of accessories in her closet to make it work. Not only is this a creative experiment and inspiration, … Continue reading

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suburbia spotlight: Safeway

I felt like a tourist, wheeling my shopping cart through the rows and rows of aisles filled sky high with stuff at the local Safeway. This was not the same Safeway where I shopped over 15 years ago. Literally; it … Continue reading

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healthier trick-or-treat

My teeth start hurting when I think about all that Halloween candy.  And I don’t even have cavities! So, how about some healthier treats–for kids and our planet? Fair trade chocolates for Reverse Trick-or-Treating. Planet Green suggests healthy snacks: organic … Continue reading

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why does online shopping = wasteful packaging?

I am an all-around shopping minimalist, but I live with a prolific online shopper who asserts that it’s better than driving to the store.  This is debatable, especially since we live within walking distance of some of the discount stores he frequents … Continue reading

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