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bus maps

I’m visiting Kyoto now for a few days, and have been reminded of how much I LOVE bus maps.  And, of course, by extension, I love bus systems.  Definitely both important components of making a visit to a new city … Continue reading

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I think joy and fun are two important components of Everyday Sustainable. You could say it’s a matter of what you’re doing; if you’re doing drudge work every day, how fun can that be, you might ask?  True, but how about … Continue reading

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flush or not?

Flushing the toilet.  That’s definitely an everyday thing.  What can help make it Everyday Sustainable? There are low flush toilets, no flush toilets, and of course the old-fashioned torrential flush toilets.  I’ve lived in households where the rule is to flush only … Continue reading

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working on my brain health

Last week I heard Dr. Laura Carstensen of the Stanford Center on Longevity ( speak on the Psychology of Aging.  Very thought provoking research she’s done on how goals help define what we see and remember.  I asked her about … Continue reading

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pedal power

Biking to work.  I can’t think of a better example of “everyday sustainable” to kick off this blog. Only fuel needed is pedal power, so no carbon footprint.  Everyday sustainable for the environment. Great exercise.  Everyday sustainable for an individual’s … Continue reading

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