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did you know you can pump up car tires with a bike pump?

I didn’t! I was shocked to learn this during my recent Green@Home training. As one of the energy-saving measures we practiced, we checked the tire pressure on a tire. It decreased from 29 psi to almost 25 psi as people … Continue reading

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print only what you want: GreenPrint

A couple of years ago, I worked at an office where EVERY print job printed a wasteful “cover page.” It drove me nuts. The IT guy told me there was nothing to be done about it. They need GreenPrint. We … Continue reading

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drafty doors: plug them up

This house is drafty. It’s 90-years old. It has beautiful original but super-leaky windows. Inside doors look like they were cut to pass trays of soupy dinners. As part of my continuing effort to increase comfort and decrease the energy … Continue reading

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bike racks

I’ve just got back in the (bike) saddle. I no longer live at the top of one of the steeper streets in San Francisco, I got a used hybrid bike for doing errands, and I’m not as much of a … Continue reading

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save money with the heating vent dance

I just got the utility bill at the house I moved into a month ago. YIKES! (It’s not apartment-living, that’s for sure. Another check in the high-density housing column.) Of the utilities, the gas bill was the highest, and I’m … Continue reading

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