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a new beginning

After a long hiatus, this blog has been reincarnated to cover a broader range of topics, from the viewpoint of “everyday sustainable.” Advertisements

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if green’s not green then what color is?

The color green might have killed Napoleon. So says the New York Times in The Toxic Side of Being, Literally, Green. Kermit was correct, being green really is tough, so tough that the color itself fails dismally. The cruel truth … Continue reading

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S.U.B. (sports utility bicycle)

We call this bike “The Mule.” It was a super sturdy bike to begin with, but the addition of the 4 metal baskets elevated it to a new level of utility. Really, there is no excuse not to bike to … Continue reading

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can line-drying clothes really be this much fun?

Um, no. But it’s true that if you go to a laundromat or use a machine in your building, you don’t have to wait around for the dryer to finish. Just bring your clothes home and let them dry naturally–on … Continue reading

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water-wise gadget: can you take a 5-minute shower?

I can. When I use my 5-minute shower timer. I got this Shower Coach from my city, at an event related to water conservation. It’s great. I stuck it to the shower wall with the suction cup. I flip the sand … Continue reading

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dimmable CFLs: not for romantic dinners

Imagine, lowering the glaring overhead light, in an attempt to create a more moody, romantic ambiance. Bright light..fading… medium…fading…out! What happened? That’s my experience with the 15W dimmable flood bulb that replaced the 65W bulb over the dining table. It had … Continue reading

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water wise

Typical single-family home water use From Santa Clara Valley Water District brochure for Water-Wise House Calls ( 52% outdoors 10% toilets 10% shower 9.5% laundry 9% leaks 8% faucets 1% baths 0.5% dishwashers

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