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how are your dollar$ voting?

Like many, I am obsessed with the upcoming election. 4 more days! However, I tend to think of voting as something I do in the polls–once every 2 or 4 years–and forget that we vote with our dollars, too. The … Continue reading

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healthier trick-or-treat

My teeth start hurting when I think about all that Halloween candy.  And I don’t even have cavities! So, how about some healthier treats–for kids and our planet? Fair trade chocolates for Reverse Trick-or-Treating. Planet Green suggests healthy snacks: organic … Continue reading

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local food: Green Oaks Creek Farm

Lucky kids. Yesterday I got a note from a fellow San Franciscan describing the joys of old-fashioned farming of his 3000 sq ft veggie garden and 80-tree orchard up north, and how his “son’s eyes roll back in his head when he eats a peach, or [the] … Continue reading

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why does online shopping = wasteful packaging?

I am an all-around shopping minimalist, but I live with a prolific online shopper who asserts that it’s better than driving to the store.  This is debatable, especially since we live within walking distance of some of the discount stores he frequents … Continue reading

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Enjoy Food = Healthy

Last week, I was at a meeting where the lunch was delicious and beautiful; organic ingredients prepared and presented gorgeously. Aaaahh, enjoyment of food and the eating experience are so important to everyday sustenance. Well, as with all things in … Continue reading

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Sense of Place: where’s your sit spot?

Last weekend, I attended the second session of the Be the Change Environmental Leadership Program.  We met at Hidden Villa in Los Altos Hills, and it was a perfect environment to think about affecting change to benefit the environment. One … Continue reading

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HOW TO: swap-raffle

Yesterday, I had a great “Everyday Sustainable” day, with two swap events.  The first was a clothes swap which I organize every few months with friends.  And the second happened at a meeting for members of 29Gifts, a global network … Continue reading

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