Things you should NEVER buy again

I’m not a big fan of lists of MUSTs or MUST NOTs, since I think that it’s difficult to come up with a list that is relevant for everyone.  That said, those little lists that are printed on wallet-size paper are pretty convenient.  I think of them as guides, rather than a definitive list.

So, from Co-op America, lists of what not to buy, and good alternatives. (Click on the link to read more details.)

From Co-op America has a list of
Ten Things You Should Never Buy Again:

  1. Styrofoam cups  (Alternatives: Recyclable, compostable paper cups; Best: reusable mugs or cups.)
  2. Paper towels  (Alternatives: Recycled, non-bleached; Best: dishtowels or rags.)
  3. Bleached coffee filters  (Alternatives: unbleached paper filters; Best: reusable filters.)
  4. Overpackaged foods and other products (Alternatives: minimal or reusable packaging; Best: buy in bulk and user you own containers)
  5. Teak and mahogany (Alternative: Forest Stewardshiop Council; Best: reuse wood, buy furniture/products from used/salvaged wood.)
  6. Chemical pesticides and herbicides  (Alternatives: organic pest controllers; Best: Plant native plants; integrated pest management; flowers and herbs as natural pesticides.)
  7. Conventional household cleaners  (Alternatives: nontoxic, vegetable-based, biodegradeable cleaners; Best: make your own with vinegar, water and castile soap.)
  8. Higher octane gas than you need  (Alternatives: Buy lowest-octane gas required; Best: Take public transit, bike, walk.)
  9. Toys made with PVC (#3) plastic  (Alternatives: #1 or #2 plastics or sustainable materials; Best: tell manufacturers to stop using PVC plastics.)
  10. Plastic forks and spoons  (Alternatives: User compostable utensils; Best: carry your own utensils and food containers.)

 Five More Things You Should Never Buy Again:

  1. Farm raised salmon  (more toxins in farm-riased than wild salmon)
  2. Rayon  (manufacturing process is wasteful and dirty; wood-based fiber contributes to deforestation; poor labor practices in many countries; needs to be drycleaned)
  3. Beauty/Body care with phthalates and parabens  (research indicates harmful)
  4. Cling wrap (made of #3 PVC; DO NOT HEAT OR MICROWAVE)
  5. High VOC Paints and Finishes
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