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healthier trick-or-treat

My teeth start hurting when I think about all that Halloween candy.  And I don’t even have cavities! So, how about some healthier treats–for kids and our planet? Fair trade chocolates for Reverse Trick-or-Treating. Planet Green suggests healthy snacks: organic … Continue reading

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local food: Green Oaks Creek Farm

Lucky kids. Yesterday I got a note from a fellow San Franciscan describing the joys of old-fashioned farming of his 3000 sq ft veggie garden and 80-tree orchard up north, and how his “son’s eyes roll back in his head when he eats a peach, or [the] … Continue reading

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Enjoy Food = Healthy

Last week, I was at a meeting where the lunch was delicious and beautiful; organic ingredients prepared and presented gorgeously. Aaaahh, enjoyment of food and the eating experience are so important to everyday sustenance. Well, as with all things in … Continue reading

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Waste-free Lunches

I love receiving photos of my friends’ children on their first day of school; all decked out in their new school outfits, with their brand new lunch boxes in hand. Going to school.  Learning.  That’s all about Everyday Sustainable. But … Continue reading

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farmer’s market on a bicycle

“What’s for dinner?”  That’s the central organizing question for Michael Pollan’s brilliant book on the U.S. food system, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. And today, I had a spectacular personal experience of the growing alternatives to the mainstream industrial food system that … Continue reading

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plastics safety Q&A

I found a Plastics Q&A from the Green Guide helpful in sorting out the confusing world of household (and specifically kitchen) plastics.  Among the topics covered: Q: Which plastic containers contain bisphenol A (BPA)?  A: Those that say “#7 PC” … Continue reading

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Resurgence of victory gardens

An informative piece, Victory Gardens Symbolize a New Age from on the history of victory gardens — like the one in front of San Francisco’s City Hall — and the modern context for its increasing popularity. Victory gardens are popping up … Continue reading

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