UPS delivers by bicycle!

I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for UPS since they supported the AIDS Ride (bike fundraiser from San Francisco to Los Angeles) that I did many years ago.

THIS just makes me love them more.

They are addressing extra holiday deliveries with pedal power! In the South Bay area where it’s flat, instead of renting expensive — and polluting — trucks, they’ve bought bikes with trailers and hired temp workers. According to the SJ Mercury article, the driver likes his job, and neighbors and customers are curious and think it’s cool. And it’s saving UPS $45-50k in fuel and maintenance (in addition to what they save on truck rentals, I assume).

How do they keep the packages dry when it’s raining? I might have to go in search of a UPS bike delivery guy (I wonder if there are girls, too?) in Palo Alto.

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One Response to UPS delivers by bicycle!

  1. Wako,

    Mary sent me a link to your post about this cycling UPS delivery man. Now I love UPS a little more too. I didn’t know you have a blog, but now that I do, I’m going to become a regular reader. Thanks for the great story. I’m still blogging about cycling and still loving it.


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