What’s your cell phone radiation level? Is it safe?

Look it up with this tool: http://www.ewg.org/cellphoneradiation/Get-a-Safer-Phone

My phone (Treo 650) has high radiation. In fact, among the Top 10 Worst PDA/Smartphones!  (The super-popular iPhone 3G is not among the top 10, but it’s a high-radiator, too.)

What to do? Should I toss out my phone, even though it still works fine? Or should I hang on to it, as I do with most things, since one of my strategies for living as sustainability as possible is to use things as long as I can, even if it might not be as efficient as a new model–e.g., driving (low mileage) an efficient car that’s older versus buying a new hybrid: lower net impact.

However, in this case, continuing to use this phone may be bad for my health. According to the Environmental Working Group’s report on cell phone safety (based on radiation levels), studies show there may be a negative effect on health from long-term cell phone usage. Even if the studies aren’t conclusive, I know that I don’t like holding my Treo to my ear for long; my head feels funny.

For now, I’m using my headset as much as possible; unfortunately, the sound quality is not good enough at times.

How is your cell phone radiation? Would you change your phone based on its rating?  See the best and worst cell phones, and plug your phone into the widget in the right-hand column: http://www.ewg.org/cellphoneradiation/Get-a-Safer-Phone.

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