tetra pak: good or bad?

Every time I finish a box of soymilk, I sigh. Because I have to put it in the landfill-bound trash.

But, according to this analysis of the sustainability of tetra pak,

All in all, Tetra Pak figures that its packaging has a smaller carbon footprint than polyethylene terephthalate (PET), high density polyethylene (HDPE) or glass. A 32-ounce beverage container made by Tetra Pak represents 126 kg of CO2, while glass packaging for the same size drink represents 238 kg CO2, according to the company (and backed up, it says, by third party tests).

OK, fine. But then, as the article points out–and as most of us who don’t have the option to recycle these juice/milk/broth/soup containers–what about the landfill factor? The containers, in the US, mostly end up in landfill. Even if they are recycled, what are they recycled into, since they are “74 percent paper, with aluminum (the liner) and low density polyethylene film (the lid) accounting for the rest”?

So, good or bad? Maybe the question should be reworded: “More good or less bad?” What do you think?

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3 Responses to tetra pak: good or bad?

  1. 1L says:

    Good for Tetra Pak, bad for the environment.

    Tetra Paks are non-recyclable for most of us, i.e. they’re non-recyclable. They doing a pretty decent greenwash job though.

    Tetra Pak still hasn’t figured out that most of the people drinking rice and soy milk care about the planet as well as their health?

    I’m thinking about giving up all the beverages that come in non-recyclable containers. How can I justify making all that waste every week?

    • wako says:

      The thought has crossed my mind, too, in terms of giving up tetra-pak products. But I do like to drink soy milk… I guess I could go back to SILK, which comes in milk-like cartons. Are they recyclable??

    • Cathie Garnier says:

      Good for the health of the planet, my question is more is it good for the body. We are talking about putting liquids into our bodies that are lined in aluminum. Is it really safe to drink from aluminum lined packaging? I am not sure…Can anyone comment on that?

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