kids after my creative-reuse heart

Alexandra Lehrer, 5, and her classmates at Beginnings Nursery School in New York are my kind of people!

“I like building stuff,” she said. “If you throw everything away, there will be just a big pile of garbage, and you won’t have anything to make collages with.” (From the New York Times, Where One Man’s Trash Is Preschoolers’ Art Material.)

This is all about Everyday Sustainable, since these kids are learning to create fun and beauty from everyday things. I think we adults can take some learnings from this, and fortunately, we are.
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One Response to kids after my creative-reuse heart

  1. Donna S says:

    This is very similar to what my nonprofit does. We work with businesses to collect unwanter items and we use them in the school for lessons in environmental conservation and creative expression. We will have about 10,000 students particiapte in our school program in the greater Sacramento area this year.

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