Google, please map my bike route!

Getting directions the old-fashioned way.

SIGN THIS PETITION if you, too, want Google Maps to add a “Bike There” option to their maps. 47,000 people already have. I wonder how may they need to be convinced? Or maybe they’re already working on it…?  I’m excited about the possibility of bikeable Google Maps, since I’m committed to riding my bike as much and as safely (in other words, as Everyday Sustainable) as possible.

According to a group that’s advocating for this, a University of British Columbia research group in Vancouver couldn’t wait. If you live in Vancouver, check it out! (And let us know how it works.)

I don’t live in Vancouver, so I’ll have to keep waiting. However, I do live only a few miles from the Google mothership, so I hope that bodes well for an early rollout.

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