are you biking (or walking) to work on Thursday?

Maybe you already ride your bike to work. If you do, you are a member of an elite group: 0.4% of commuters nationwide. If you live in Portland, Oregon, you’re part of a larger crowd–3.5%–, but you already know this. (Source: US Census 2005)

The rest of us (87.7%) drive to work. Most (77%) drive alone.

If you live in biking distance–you’ll have to determine what that is for you–why not give your bike a spin on Thursday, May 14? There will be more cyclists on the road, which is good for two reasons.

  1. There will be fewer cars on the road–since chances are most Bike Day riders normally drive their cars–which means it’s a tiny bit safer and less polluted.
  2. Safety in numbers. Those on the road will be more aware that there’s a movement under way.

Also, many communities set up Energizer Stations along popular routes, which is fun because of the free food and bike stuff, and the part atmosphere. Last year, when I volunteered at an Energizer station, we had coffee, Hobee’s famous coffee cake, fruit, bike bags, maps, and a very friendly and knowledgeable volunteer bike mechanic who fixed up some squeaky squeaky bikes.

And don’t forget, wear a bike helmet and obey traffic laws!!!! Even if the car driver is in the wrong, they’re bigger than you, so keep your eyes and ears open. (No iPod while cycling.)

If biking to work is not an option?

  • Walk
  • Carpool
  • Take public transportation
  • Volunteer at an Energizer Station (since I have not commute, this is my choice)
  • Be creative!!!!

You never know, you might even like it so much that you’ll ride/walk/carpool/bus to work once a week. Or twice. Thrice… until it becomes an Everyday Sustainable kind of commute.


Some Bike to Work Day links:

Some resources I found online for commuting by bike:

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2 Responses to are you biking (or walking) to work on Thursday?

  1. paviavio says:

    Is this day official changed to Thursday from Friday?

  2. wako says:

    I just found out that it may be more commonly done on Friday. In the San Francisco Bay Area, however, we had our day on Thursday.

    But really, EVERY DAY should be bike to work day. 😉

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