save money with the heating vent dance

I just got the utility bill at the house I moved into a month ago. YIKES! (It’s not apartment-living, that’s for sure. Another check in the high-density housing column.) Of the utilities, the gas bill was the highest, and I’m assuming that’s from the heating.

So, I’m doing the heating vent dance. I go around flipping the heating vents open/closed depending on the time of day/where I am.

The ones in the bathrooms are always closed. The one in the bedroom is closed during the day and open in the evening and nighttime. The one in the office is open during the day–when the temp is turned way down (on a programmable thermostat, of course)–or when I’m using the office. I supplement the office heat with a portable electric oil heater. Makes the room, where I spend a lot of time during the day, comfortable and cozy.

One of the vents in the living room–by the main house door–is always closed. While the other is always open, since it’s nearest the thermostat. The one in the kitchen is on the floor, and I think it’s jammed. Can’t close it… yet.

And of course keep doors closed. And wear sweaters. And slippers.
Will see how the next bill looks…

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