how are your dollar$ voting?

Like many, I am obsessed with the upcoming election. 4 more days! However, I tend to think of voting as something I do in the polls–once every 2 or 4 years–and forget that we vote with our dollars, too.


The Good Guide Company Political Contributions chart shows the political contributions of large consumer product and service companies.

I’m not surprised that leading “green” companies like Aveda, Tom’s of Maine and Burt’s Bees lean heavily Democratic in their contributions. Starbucks is the loan “blue” contributor in its category of restaurants and drinking establishments; this is a plus in my eyes, even though I prefer to go to local cafes.

I really like flying Southwest Airlines because of their no-nonsense approach, but was chagrined to see them farther right than most other airlines. At least United, which is the one I’ve used the most, is the most Democratic of all the airlines covered in the guide.

Will this information affect my consumption? Possibly. I might be more inclined to rent a car from Hertz than Enterprise (though I’d prefer not to rent a car at all…) or join a friend on a trip to Costco.

How about you? Check out the guide here.

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2 Responses to how are your dollar$ voting?

  1. I like your website! A lot of great tips here. 🙂

  2. Ruby Privateer says:


    This is an incredible guide. Thanks for posting this. I was surprised by some of the findings and not by others. And I definitely agree that we vote with our dollars. I make choices everyday based on this idea: buying local, and organic; no soda, of any kind really; local over corporate for the most part, and so on. Your blog is great! Keep up the great work.

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