making green products more accessible

I believe that accessibility is one of the keys to sustainability.  If you can’t get it easily because of proximity, cost, or other issues, it’s very likely that a product/service/habit is not sustainable.

My friend started on the premise that lots of people would like to live in a way that is more sustainable, more green.  However, the higher cost of many “green” products is prohibitive for Everyday Sustainable purchasing.

Ecobunga! - your guide to green giveaways & deals

Hence, Ecobunga, which is a way to see a bunch of green deals and giveaways in one place.  I’m not a regular coupon-clipper, but I know there are many out there.  If finding a coupon is a portal to adopting greener shopping habits, I say more power to the clippers!

I myself like the site because I can learn about the products and campaigns that are going on.  I don’t generally want more stuff, however, I have been entering all the “Win a Prius” sweepstakes.

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