event: to promote line drying

I wrote in my Everyday Sustainable Practice laundry post about how I wish I could line dry my clothes.  Alas I can’t in my apartment, but I can support the cause!

Project Laundry List forwarded an invitation from Ben Davis, the founder and owner of a graphic design and communication firm in San Francisco called Words Pictures Ideas, to an event on August 2nd called Where There’s Smoke.

On August 2nd, we will be kicking off a viral campaign designed to promote line drying as a symbol of patriotism, intelligence, and environmental activism. (Rescuing it from the symbol of poverty and despair it  seems to represent to many Americans today.) We are launching a viral petition drive [called The Right2Dry Project] that encourages America’s First Family, whomever that may be next year, to hang their laundry on the White House lawn for a one-day symbolic photo-op.


@ 535 Powell St. San Francisco
August 2nd, 2008 from 7 to 10pm
For information call: 415.398.7229


Invitation here; press release here.

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