stop credit card offers: OptOutPrescreen

The other day, I looked at different ways to stop unwanted mail.
I used the OptOutPrescreen service to stop preapproved credit card offers.

If you do it online, it requires you to fill in your social security number.  I didn’t want to fill out my SS#, so I called the toll-free number. 

The phone service also asks for your SS#.  When I got to that question, I didn’t say anything (because it has voice recognition), and waited.  The system will assume that it can’t understand you, and says that it will process your request anyway.

If you want to stop the credit card offers,
call OptOutPrescreen, 1-888-567-8688,
and don’t give them your SS#.

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2 Responses to stop credit card offers: OptOutPrescreen

  1. Mennin Leah says:

    I stopped all my credit card offers using a web site called Stop Junk Mail. It worked out great for me and everyone in my house hold too. It worked out to be an even better site for me because they stopped my junkmail and phone books too. Well gl with it and hope this helps you out.

  2. wako says:

    Thanks for that resource. The website is called

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