ESP Day 21: Take the Stairs

I live in a 20-story apartment building, which is at the top of a San Francisco hill.  But, unless I have lots of groceries or other stuff to carry, I take the stairs … since I live on the second floor.

So, as you can see, Taking the Stairs, is a no-brainer Everyday Sustainable Practice for me.

  • Convenient.  Faster than waiting for the elevator.
  • Zero CO2 footprint.  
  • Healthier.  (You can even calculate how many calories you burn from stair-climbing.)
  • Less wear on the elevator.
  • (The only downside socially is that I miss the chance meetings with neighbors during the elevator rides.)

You may ask, have I been able to do this in not-so-easy circumstances?  I did work for several years on a 20th floor of a building, but that was back in the late-80s high-heels and pantyhose days, when walking the stairs was not remotely on my mind. 

Take the StairsMore recently, I had a project for a few months where I walked up and down from the sixth floor, but was a lonely climber.  I started a stealth campaign to try to drum up some company.  I stuck post-it notes by the elevators and on the stairwell doors: “Take the stairs!  Good for your legs!  Good for the earth!” But it was a failure.  It seemed like as soon I posted the notes, the building maintenance guy took them down.  Fortunately, times have changed.  New York City even has an official “Take the Stairs” sign, put out by the health commissioner.

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One Response to ESP Day 21: Take the Stairs

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Wako,
    Love your ideas. I’m a big user and believer in taking the stairs. The work gig I had for the past 3 years had me residing on either the 7th, 5th, or 3rd floors. I always took the stairs down. Unfortunately I couldn’t always take the stairs up because building maintenance tended to keep the lobby door that allows access to the upper floors locked. But I always took the stairs when I needed to move between floors. I, like you, was usually the only person in the stairwells. I also took the stairs at the parking garage I used. I actually used to see if I could beat people entering the elevator down to the street. This was quite the race as I was most often parked on the 4th or 5th floor! It was my little secret thing each morning – got my blood pumping and somedays I would win and took a surprising amount of pride in this little action.

    I’m also the type of person who won’t sit with my car idling waiting for a parking spot right near the entrance. Drives me nuts that people will tie up parking lot flow simply because they don’t want to walk several feet to the door. I would rather stay out of the congestive fray and park well away from my destination and walk.

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