ESP Day 17: Turn Off, Unplug

Everyday Sustainable ways I minimize energy consumption at home and in my home office. 

Turn Off

  • Extra lights.  Lights in rooms no one is using.
  • Audio (radio, stereo) I’m not listening to.
  • The computer, when I’m done for the day. 
  • The LCD screen whenever I’m away from the computer. 
  • The TV.  As quickly and as often as possible.  (I should just unplug it permanently…)

Unplug anything that uses standby power or is not being used, especially when I’m away from home for more than a day.  This is all about minimizing the phantom load.  (Info here and here.)

  • Electric toothbrush. It holds the charge for at least two weeks, so unplug in between charges.
  • Kitchen appliances.  Toaster, blender, rice cooker, spice/coffee grinder.
  • Chargers for cellphone, iPod, batteries.
  • Electric piano and amp.
  • Clock radio. (OK, I confess, I don’t unplug these because of laziness about having to reset them.  However, I WILL do this the next time I have an extended stay away from home.)

Things I should unplug but don’t (yet) because the plug is too hard to reach, though this is no excuse.  I need to get some more power strips to unplug–or more accurately, power down–more easily … and sustainably.

  • TV, DVD/VCR, Stereo (They are hidden away in a wooden hutch/cabinet.)
  • Microwave (In a tight cubby in the kitchen.)

I live in an apartment building, so I don’t have access to an electrity meter where I can monitor the effects of these actions, but if I did, I would check out an energy monitor.

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