ESP Day 14: Drive light, slow(er) and combine trips

I don’t drive much, so this past weekend’s roadtrip to Mount Madonna retreat center in the redwoods near Watsonville — 101 miles there and 101 miles back — was a big deal.

We (my significant other and I) drove down together late afternoon Friday, and tried to drive smart.

  • Carpool lane.  Since there were two of us in the car, we took advantage of the carpool lane for a smoother and more fuel-efficient ride.
  • Waiting until we got warm, before we turned on the AC.  Hey, we weren’t sweating. We were lucky that when we got in the car it was a cool San Francisco afternoon.
  • Didn’t speed (too much.)  Stayed close to the speed limit; within 5 miles.
  • Tried to park in the shade, and when we got back in the car, opened the doors and windows to cool down before getting started.
  • No extra junk in the car.  (I used to be bad about this, but fortunately my boyfriend is an expert de-clutterer.)
  • Combine trips.  We stopped at the famed outlet malls in Gilroy, because they were on the way back.  And stopped to see a friend.  Would have been a waste to have driven so far without getting some other fun and errands done.  Obviously, do this for 2 mile trips, too.

One important thing we forgot to do:

  • Check tire pressure.

A couple of sites with information:

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