ESP Day 9: Muni Pass

muni pass

muni pass

My Muni Pass (public transit pass) definitely makes Everyday Sustainable.

I don’t have to have exact change, or any change for that matter.  Psychologically, I find it easier to hop on any bus that comes by even if it’s just for a few blocks.  And having the pass makes me more likely to take public transit than to drive.

For example, TODAY,

  • I took a bus to a meeting 3.5 miles away,
  • then the subway (BART) to go to a bookstore,
  • and then rode the cable car home.

OK, the bonus of the Muni Pass in San Francisco is that I can use it on the cable cars, which at $5 a ride is not something most locals would take.  But since I can flash my pass and take the cable car to one block from my home, it’s an Everyday Sustainable option.

Why it’s Everyday Sustainable:

  • Environment: Public transit helps reduce my carbon footprint.
  • Personal: Convenient and Economical — if used enough.
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