ESP Day 6: Walk Within a Mile

I like to walk as much as possible. For my Everyday Sustainable Practice, my challenge is to walk anywhere within one mile from my home.

This is something I generally do and enjoy because:

  1. The Walk Score for my home is very high.  This means there are many good destinations near my home, and I can usually get several errands done at once, and also have some fun, like stop for tea or ogle some yummy croissants, and seeing people.  (More on walkability here.)
  2. On the flipside, my Drive Score is low.  Driving and parking in San Francisco is usually a losing proposition, so it’s actually more convenient for me to walk than drive.   (I wonder if the Walk Score and Drive Score tend to be inversely related?)
  3. I don’t get much exercise otherwise, so walking is part of my wellness plan.

The one challenge to this Practice is shopping at Trader Joe’s.  It’s an exception to the more-convenient-to-walk rule, because there is a parking lot and I can generally shop when it’s not super-crowded.  I generally take one trip per week, to stock up on staples, which means minimal driving.

However, this morning, I packed my backpack with another cloth bag, and walked downhill 10 blocks (about 0.9 miles) to the Trader Joe’s.  Did I mention I live at the top of a San Francisco hill?  I filled up my backpack with yummy melons and veggies — not necessarily light fare — and headed back.  I was planning to walk back all the way, but I did bring my Muni Pass just in case a cable car went by… lo and behold one slowed down enough for me to get on.  So I only had four blocks — though about 75% of the climb up — to walk home.  Did I cheat?  Yes.  Was it worth it?  My back and legs say yes!  Will continue to monitor this.

Why it’s Everyday Sustainable:

  • Environment: Zero Carbon Footprint
  • Personal: Good exercise that doesn’t require any special equipment
  • Community: Connects me to my neighborhood and people I see on the way
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One Response to ESP Day 6: Walk Within a Mile

  1. Jerry White says:

    Going green has to be one of the best things I’v done in quit some time. For those of you who may be on the fence, go ahead and join the family. No more guessing, no more what if, it is good for you and for the environment.

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