book: Bottlemania

Just read this Treehugger review of Bottlemania: How Water Went On Sale and Why We Bought It, by Elizabeth Royte, which certainly makes me want to go read the book and learn more.

The reviewer says:

It is important that we are honest and open and not simply say TAP TAP NOTHING BUT TAP when there are clearly some circumstances when bottled water has a place, or deny that public water is not as perfect and pristine as we would like it to be.

And it is realistic to say that perhaps the best solution is to use tap water with a Brita filter, even though we are mad them for not recycling in North America, and to carry it about in a SIGG bottle, even though they won’t tell us what their liner is made of.

But one is still tempted to go medieval and have a beer or two, while contemplating the compromise in every glass of water. And be sure to read ::Bottlemania as a rare example of a book that covers the many sides of a story, instead of taking the simple certainty. It’s as unusual and refreshing as, well, a glass of clean cold water.

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  1. Jessie Weggler says:

    I stayed at these hotels in Costa Rica:

    Lapa Rios Ecolodge ( and Arenas del Mar ( and was really impressed by the fact that they gave all guests reusable water bottles. We used them during our trip and when we got home…and reduced our carbon footprint by a considerable amount. It was truly inspiring and really made us reconsider how we used to consume water in the past…

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