Everyday Sustainable Practice (ESP) begins

I’ve decided to dedicate July to an Everyday Sustainable Practice (ESP). 

I have a stated intention to live in a way that is everyday sustainable, but what exactly does that mean? 

  • What does the intersection of Everyday and Sustainable look like? 
  • What is sustainable, for me personally, given the limits of my living situation, finances, and let’s face it, will power?

So, every day this month–all 31 days in July–I will put my attention to this in at least two ways:

  1. In order to explore what am I am actually able to sustain for a month, I have a list of things to do or not to do daily.  For example, starting each day with three sun salutations and not driving anywhere within a mile of my home.  My goal is to do or not do those things daily.  And to pay attention to the limits and possibilities of my personal Everyday Sustainable Practice.
  2. One of my to do items is to blog every day about this experience.  My plan it to share information related to aspects of my Everyday Sustainable Practice, that affect all of us, everyday.  For example, brushing my teeth.  (Some of you know this is a favorite topic of mine because of my recent year in braces.) 

It’s an adventure!  And, I’m also thinking, a first step toward a foundation for a lifelong Everyday Sustainable Practice.

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