I feel so lucky because I live in a place where I can walk to the majority of my everyday needs.  Within a 20-minute walk — approximately a mile’s distance — I can go to the public library (a few branches), meet my friends for tea at any number of local (non-national chain) cafes, buy organic produce, pick up household stuff at a large pharmacy or a local hardware store, mail letters and packages at a post office, and of course pick up some cash at an ATM.  Plus there are book stores, clothing stores, Trader Joe’s, and lots of restaurants.  The list goes on.

Anyway, the walkability of my home is a huge component of Everyday Sustainable home:

  • No carbon footprint, when I use my feet to get to these places.
  • No congestion impact; I’m not taking up any of the precious few parking spots available on the streets of San Francisco.
  • Saves me money: parking (and tickets) and increasingly expensive gas.
  • Healthy.  If I walk 2 miles-briskly–at least every other day, that’s a good minimum of exercise.
  • And seeing people out on the street.  This is sustaining for me, because I love seeing people.

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