flush or not?

Flushing the toilet.  That’s definitely an everyday thing. 

What can help make it Everyday Sustainable?

There are low flush toilets, no flush toilets, and of course the old-fashioned torrential flush toilets.  I’ve lived in households where the rule is to flush only when needed–in an effort to save water–, and where we flush every time–in order to be considerate to those with more sensitive noses.  Right now, I live in the latter kind of household; flush every time.  It drives me a bit nuts, but it’s a price I pay for domestic bliss.

small big flushSo I’ve been happy about having an additional choice.  Not just binary flush or not, but how much flush?  Small or big?

In Japan, toilets often have “big” and “small” flush settings; you just flip the handle one way or the other.  I’m housesitting now at a house that has toilets with an updated and lovelier–shall we say “lunar”–big and small flush design (from the Japanese master of toilets, Toto.)

This is a case where product design supports behavior around Everyday Sustainable.

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One Response to flush or not?

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Wako,

    I didn’t know you started a new blog. This is great. I’ll be sure to keep checking in.

    Our old toilet and plumbing gave out about 7 months ago. We had wanted to tear out the ugly linoleum and redo the floor (it needed it) from the time we moved in but put it off due to expense. When the toilet finally started leaking all over and into the sub-floor, it was time to do this work. We used the opportunity to be sustainable and bought a Toto dual-flush toilet. It’s great – and now that we’re in a drought and being asked to reduce our water usage by 19%, we’re very happy that we installed the dual-flush when we did.

    peace, Lisa

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